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Toxic Free (Lead Free Formulation)

In 2007 the European Union (EU) passed legislation which banned the use of lead in the production of uPVC profiles. All of INOUTICa��s profiles are produced within the EU and are therefore Lead Free, profiles produced in Asian are not subject to EU Legislation and are usually include lead and other chemicals that are not allowed to be used in the EU.

Many customers ask why the EU has banned lead from uPVC and how this legislation does protects them there are 2 key benefits to consumers:-

  • Chemicals used in the production of uPVC profiles containing lead cause the release of toxic that are bad for the environment. Toxics released during the recycled process are also bad for the environment.
  • Profiles containing lead will react when they come into contact with certain chemicals in polluted air, direct contact with these chemicals will cause stain on the profiles or discoloration in some serious case, unlike Inoutic lead free profiles is more resistant to pollution and is environmentally friendly.

Using lead free profiles not only protects the environment, it also ensures Inoutic profiles are long-lasting and saves our customer money over the life-cycle of their windows and doors.