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Sound Insulation

Noise pollution is can A�as a serious environmental problem, research shows that continuous exposure to noise levels of 65 dB or above can cause headaches and migraines, increase blood pressure and levels of stress.
Whether the caused by heavy traffic, noisy neighbors or just the sounds of a busy city, noise pollution can disturb the peace and comfort of your home.

INOUTIC uPVC windows and doors are designed to significantly reduce the impact of outdoor noise on your living space so that you can enjoy peace and quiet at all times.

By combining our multiple chambers profiles, our multi-point locking systems and double sealing gaskets INOUTIC can provide windows and doors superior noise when compared to wooden and aluminum frames.
Independent studies have shown that when INOUTIC profiles are fitted with insulated glass they can reduce noise to just 1/8th of the original levels, achieving a total reduce of 43 decibels.