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Heat Insulation and Energy Saving

Building materials are tested against numerous standards across Asia, Europe and North America, INOUTIC’s uPVC profiles are conform to these standards. Our profiles are proven to provide better thermal insulation than windows and doors made of cheap uPVC or aluminum.

When directly compared with aluminum profiles, INOUTIC’s uPVC profile systems can cut down energy loss for better than aluminum windows for at least 2.2 times. Below figures show the relative K-Values* of INOUTIC uPVC profiles and standard aluminum profiles.


Inoutic Profile + Insulated Glass                        1.74 W/m2 K  (K-Value)*
General Aluminum frame                                   7.50 W/m2 K
* The greater the K-Value, the higher the energy loss

Following basic components will lead to a thermally efficient windows and doors:-

  • INOUTIC’s advanced multi chambered structure in uPVC profiles
  • Advanced double layer of rubber gasket around the sash and the frame
  • High quality multi-point locking hardware
  • Insulated glass

Windows and doors containing all four of these elements will help our customers to significantly reduce their energy costs.