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Environmentally Friendly

Protecting the environment is essential for the future well-being of our planet and INOUTIC are committed to producing products that are recyclable and energy efficient.

As a man-made product, many people assume that uPVC profiles are bad for the environment, actually the opposite is true and they are environmentally friendly when compared to wood and aluminum frames.

All of the materials used in the manufacture of our profiles can be recycled, ensuring that when INOUTIC windows and doors eventually need to be replaced, all of the materials can be reused and there will be no waste.

The excellent thermal efficiency provided by INOUTIC profiles help our customers reduce their energy usage. More than 40% of the worlda��s energy is used to heat or cool buildings, our profiles reduce the consumption of energy and save these valuable resources.

INOUTIC uPVC profiles have a much longer life-cycle than aluminum and wooden windows frames and will not need to be replaced as often, additionally they require substantially less energy during the initial manufacturing process as well as recycling process.

Choosing INOUTIC profiles is not only good for the environment, it also provides our customers with excellent value for money over the lifetime of the product.