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Benefit of Inoutic Profile System

For more than 50 years of experience and intense research work in the plastics sector, Inoutic offers an extensive wide range of advantages which demonstrate how advanced technologies are combined with appealing architectural design and practical benefits like energy saving, effective protection against burglar, adverse weather conditions and noise.A� These are the minimum requirements of durable Inoutic window system.A� We also make sure the eco-balance of all our products is environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life.

The benefits of Inoutic profile system:
+ UV-Temperature Resistance
+ Water Tightness
+ Weather Protection
+ High Security
+ Attractive Appearance
+ Heat Insulation and Energy Saving
+ Diversity of Design
+ Sound Insulation
+ Dust Proofing
+ Corrosion Resistance
+ Easy Clean Function
+ Fire Proofing
+ Toxic Free (Lead Free Formulation)
+ Environmental Friendly

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